Monday, June 27, 2011


Wow! I haven't used Inkscape in so long I had to re-teach myself. This is a cute little ladybug that is on one of my 2 year old daughter's sand shovel's and I thought it was so cute! Not to mention that while some kids have imaginary friends she has imaginary LADYBUGS! That's all she talks about and you wouldn't believe the things these ladybugs can get into - LOL!!!

This is the replica of the ladybug on the shovel and the whole time I was designing it my daughter was squealing with joy!!! She cuts beautifully!!!

Teagan's Ladybug

If you'd like this SCAL file please leave a comment with an email address that you'd like the file sent to. - Thank you

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teacher's and Bus Driver gifts

I had so much fun making these! Kid's last day of school is tomorrow so I waited last minute, of course! They are the mini paint can's filled with mini peanut butter cups and hershey kisses with little messages on the bottom. Card's will contain gift cards for the teacher's.

*original paint can idea came from Greenbean's website and the gift card holder is from Dawn.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Coupons for the week of 6/19/2011

Coupons for this week at link at top of blog.


Butterfly Garden Tent Card

Pictures aren't great quality as they were taken with my phone, sorry. Love the way this came out!

Glitter and Sticky Paper Butterfly

Card for a friend. Technique for Butterfly is below also.

Sticky Paper with Glitter Technique

Supplies you'll need: Sticky Paper, Peel Off stickers, Transfer paper, Glitter, Copics (if you choose to color).
Cut around the Peel Off stickers you want to use.
If you're planning to glitter the entire piece with different colors you'll want to leave the inside pieces of your sticker intact and then cover the sticker with the transfer paper.
Slowly peel the sticker backing off leaving the Peel Off sticker attached to the Transfer Paper.
Apply sticker to the Sticky Paper using the Transfer Paper. When peeling up the Transfer Paper you'll want to do this slowly as to not rip off any of the stickiness.
If you're going to do the entire piece one color than there's no need to leave the inside pieces of the sticker unless you plan on glitter the entire background rather than trimming.
I'm not going to glitter the background so I went ahead and trimmed around my Peel Off stickers.
For coloring with Copics I like the Cool Highlight glitter. Bought this at a LSS.
Dump Glitter over your Sticky Paper and push glitter into Sticky Paper. Remove excess Glitter and burnish with finger until you get a very smooth texture (almost like foil).
Make sure all Glitter is burnished and there are no loose grains.
Take the Copic marker and gently flick over your piece where you want color. Flicking at different pressures with give you different results.
For adding different color Glitter sections you'll want to carefully peel off the inside pieces with tweezers different sections at a time.
I want my petals all one color so I peeled off all the inside petal pieces.
Dump glitter and burnish with finger till foil like smooth texture.
Make sure all excess Glitter is off.
Repeat with remaining sections.
Ready to use on your projects!


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