Friday, November 12, 2010


Is it just me or is Christmas coming incredibly fast for everyone??? OMGosh! We are what, 6 weeks away??? I'm trying to start on Christmas gifts but finding the time has been so hard!

I'm making mini albums for the great grandparents, the kids picture ornaments for the grandparents and gift swaps. Not to mention I still haven't started my Christmas cards. I'm so behind this year. Although I have started many projects it's just getting the time to finish them. I'll be sure to post pictures this weekend of what I'm doing right now.

My husband is going out of state for the entire weekend to run in the Harrisburg Marathon on Sunday so I'll be here with the 3 kiddos which means much won't get done.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hubby bought me a Gypsy!

When Provo Craft was having their Gypsy promotion with registering before 10/31 and getting 6 free carts my dear sweet husband went out and bought me one!
When the Gypsy first came out I had no interest because I don't ever really go anywhere but when the above mentioned promotion came out and I really starting looking at them I found that it might actually be a useful tool. I was talking to my husband, Brian, about it and he said that I should look into getting one. I knew that Michaels was having a sale. I toyed with it for a couple days and decided against getting it. Then on Halloween, the last day to register, Brian came downstairs and said that he really wanted to buy it for me. I called Michaels and they had one left that they said they'd hold for me. Even though company was on the way Brian jumped in the car and made the trip and bought it for me:) I registered it in time and LOVE the Smiley cart that came with it! After playing with the Gypsy I'm so glad that he bought it!!! It's so much fun to play with and so much easier to use than the design software!

Thanks Brian - Love Ya!

Updating soon!

Been a long time. I've neglected all my sites lately. Will be updating shortly :)
Don't mind the background, if things don't match it cause I'm in the middle of updating my site for the holidays!


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