Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Divine Twine and Trendy Twine and Timeless Twine OH MY!

Wowy! I'll be getting about 220 yards (10 yds each of 22 different kinds) of Twine in the mail over the next week! I participated in a couple Twine Shares (Trendy Twine and Timeless Twine) on the Cricut Messageboard for a steal ($8.75 for 10yds each of 11 different twines) and then I won 110 yds of Divine Twine (10 yds each of 11 different twines) on Ebay for $7.50! So excited! I love twine, can you tell?????

And well what's a girl to do about storing all this Twine? I can't simply put it in a box and hide it away! NO! Twine is beatiful and needs to be displayed properly! So I found these cute wooden spools on Etsy and ordered 50 of them! Each spool can hold 10 yds of 4 ply twine and the extra spools will hold most of my seam binding! So stinkin' EXCITED!

I have no new crafts today to share. Hoping to get something done tomorrow. Gotta RUN - literally. On my way out to run trails with my husband and his running buddy in 91 degree weather. Just call me CRAZY! There's a race I want to run a good time in on Father's day so I got to get some good runs in.

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Stephanie said...

I just went on a twine buying frenzy myself... and it was my first time buying it- and all I can say is I LOVE ITTTTT!


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