Monday, October 19, 2009

Window Pane .scut file and tutorial

Forgive my voice as I'm still recovering from a cold. This is my first video tutorial and it's a quick one. I just wanted to show you how to put together the .scut files that I have attached.

First I must say that this is not my original idea. I got it from Bugjunkies Blog . I can't use her cut files for this project however because I do not have the right Cricut cartridges but really wanted to use her neat design so I figured I'd come up with a file for SCAL. Please check out her blog as she has so many cute ideas and really informative tutorials on making wordbooks.

If you wanted to put acetate in the window for the glass make sure that it's done before you adhere everything together.


I like this design because the back shape mirrors the front window.


If you'd like this SCAL file please leave a comment with an email address that you'd like the file sent to. - Thank you

Monday, October 12, 2009

Card using Copic Markers

This is a card I did using Copic Markers and a super cute dingbat.

My Christmas Card

Here's our Christmas card for this year. I got them all done already! It's hard to see but the snowmen are glittered. I think they came out adorable! This is not an original idea. I saw a tutorial on Dawn's site and loved it!

My first attempts with Copic Markers

I'm not done with this little Halloween girl yet as I still have to push the orange on her hat back in and do some more blending.

This little girl was really fun to color and I'm happy with the way she turned out. She was my first attempt.

I love the way this pretty girl's hair turned out! I am very pleased with how she turned out! Still working on my blending but I'm getting the hang of it!

Bucket Back svg file

Here is a cute bucket bag svg file. Tick marks make for easy scoring. I found it best to adhere to bucket together first and then drop the bottom in. it just seems to line up so much easier! The file is resizable too:) Enjoy.

If you'd like this SCAL file please leave a comment with an email address that you'd like the file sent to. - Thank you

Friday, October 9, 2009

Christmas Cards

I have to get a move on on my Christmas Cards. It always takes me so long to make them and it's so time consuming because every little detail has to be perfect! I drive myself crazy. So I'm going to a 6 hour crop tommorrow night at a friends house - I am only going to bring the supplies I need to make my Christmas cards so I can get it done and out of the way!

The cards I'm making I think are going to be really really cute. A combination of stamping, Cricut, Transperancies. I'll post a picture when I've completed them.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Been playing....

with my new Copic Markers and I love love love them!!!! They are so easy to use! Anyone thinking about getting them should just do it. They are amazing!!!!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Want to buy Copics? Here's a GREAT place!

I placed an order for Copic Markers on Thursday through iCopic. This site was recommended to my by Suzanne Dean over at Scrapbitz. iCopic is based in California and with me being in NY I figured it would take about a week but NOOOO - here it is Monday and my order is scheduled to arrive today! Talk about fast shipping!!!! I also contacted them through e-mail with a couple of questions and they got back to me within 15 minutes. They have a huge inventory and every color that I wanted was in stock (which was not true at other sites that I shopped around at) and they have very competitive prices. Also, I was made a Gold Member and once you are made a Gold Member you get the Copics at a discounted price and free shipping on your orders over $50.00. I wanted to wait until my order arrived before making any thumbs up or thumbs down judgements on this particular site and now that I have been satisfied I give this company a HUGE THUMBS UP and will only order my Copics through them.

My Saturday Run!!!!!!!

I have to post this because although for seasoned runners it’s nothing but I am so so proud of myself and I know those seasoned runners will know what I‘m talking about because at one point they too were where I was. I’ve taken up running, mostly because after my 3rd child my body just didn’t want to spring back as nicely or as quickly as it did with my first 2. I hate getting older. Anyhow - I don’t run for distance or speed just to stay in shape and be healthy. I ran a 5K in the spring - a mere 9 days after I started running - and did really well. Since then I’d go out 5 times a week or so and run just a little over 2 miles (end of my road and back). I live out in the country and there’s no traffic, no congestion and no noise - it’s wonderful! Brian is a big runner and runs often and far. He’s running in a 10 mile road race on the 17th and I decided that I wanted to run in the 5K the same day. Problem is the past 3-4 weeks I haven’t run at all. Why you ask? Well I could say it’s been the weather has been terrible, either too hot or pouring rain BUT the truth of the matter is I’ve been really lazy and I haven’t been able to conquer the hardest obstacle in the world of running and that was getting my sneakers on. Saturday I decided that was it - the race is in 2 weeks and if I wanted to run in it I had to make sure that I could at the very least still run that 2.something miles to the end of the road and back. I had CJ, my 8yo, get his bike and off we went. I had a little trouble regulating my breathing going up the bigger hill and couldn’t wait till I could turn around and get home but by the time I got to the bottom of the hill I felt rejuvenated! I told CJ to turn left where we usually turn around cause I wanted to run ½ more to the red barn. Well we got to the red barn and I told CJ to keep going and going and going. I knew that Brian would get worried eventually when I didn’t return home in my usual 22 minutes and I was right cause at mile 3 Brian pulled up and said that I panicked him. I continued running and told him to go home I was fine. At mile 3 ½ there was Brian again with a bottle of water and his running reflectors cause it was getting dark out. I grabbed the reflectors and put them on while running. Finally I was at the home stretch only a ¼ mile from home and CJ looks ahead and at the bridge that goes over our creek stands Brian, Aidan and Teagan all routing me on!!! Why? Because I ran 5.4 miles in just under an hour!!!! I did it and I did it without stopping or dropping my pace. When I went out I had no intention on running anything beyond my normal but it was amazing and my legs felt like air. Never once did I think to myself I’m not going to make it because I knew that I could. I’m ready for that 5K - I hadn’t run in a month and when I went out I more than doubled my normal running! I’ve never run that far before and again it’s not because I couldn’t it’s because I’m not in for the speed or distance but running that far felt awesome!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Want to use your own handwriting on your pages???

This site makes it possible and it's FREE! It's super easy to do too - all you have to do is print out the template, write your ABC's and such and scan it back to your pc and that site will walk you through the rest!

And if you have SCAL this just makes scrapbooking a little more fun as you can now cut YOUR font and add it to your page!

And the BONUS!!!! Imagine capturing your childs writing and adding it to their scrapbook pages - it's amazing!

Have fun with it! We have:)

I love my Copics!!!

Okay so I only have 15 or so but I just put in an order online for a few more.
I can't for the life of me get a good picture of what I did with these markers - perhaps it has something to do with today being a really dark and gloomy day. I'll get pictures up soon.

These markers are so so fun and easy to use!

Suzanne Dean's blog, - has so many great tutorials and helpful hints!!! She made is so easy to learn how to use these neat markers! So if you're interested in learning to use these or are unsure of what colors to start off with visit Suzannes site.

I ordered my Copics from a site that Suzanne recommended and I'll give you the name and my review when I receive my order.

I was a little bummed that when I printed an image off my pc that it would smear with the Copics, even after heat setting it BUT then I tried printing it off of the printer I use exclusively for photos and it works PERFECT! No smearing at all even without using heat. YAY!


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