Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A few of my Layouts

Here is a collection of some of my layouts. What you can't see on these pages are that some of the items on the page are raised or shiny or some other fun effect. These are in no particular order, some are from when I first started and some from yesterday. Enjoy!

Aidan going off to Kindergarten.

CJ going off to 2nd Grade.

Halloween 2007 - Paper dolls cart used for the ghost.

CJ and his mohawk.

Aidan trying to participate in CJ's wrestling team last year.

CJ's first wrestling tournament - January 2008.

Used Cricut Paper Dolls Cart for this page.

Close up on the Cricut Cuts. This is an amazing Cart!

CJ ran is a 1/2 mile Race and won first place for his age!

CJ's 3rd year of soccer.

The many faces of Aidan.

The many faces of CJ.

My 2 sons. Oldest was 4 days overdue and the youngest was 6 weeks early.

Brians idea to make this into a Newton/Gravity page.Close up on Teagans side. I used the dots on the page to connect the writing.

Teagans Just born Page.

Teagans birth story is typed out and inserted into the page.

Teagan with Santa.

Teagans Baptism. On the three photos on the left side I removed the color except the pink in her sweater.

CJ's bike stunts gone bad.

Aidan while camping in the Mountains.

Hand-stitching used on this page.

Close up on the stitching.

CJ and Aidan turned into coloring book pages.

Background is hand-stamped.

Handstitching used on this page.

Close up on the stitching.

The kids with Santa.
Close up of the tag. I hand inked it and then embossed the santas sleigh stamped image.

The boys and I a couple months before Teagan was born.

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