Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Update....

Well my scrapbook room is all put ack in order after adding another bedroom to our house BUT I'm still unable to scrapbook as yesterday after putting my daughter in the car I stepped wrong, fell and broke the ring finger on my right hand. Off to the doc I went and while I was there I had her check my entire right arm as it's really been bothering me the past couple months so badly that most days it hurts to even pick up a cup of coffee. Very irratating as 1. I am right handed and 2. I have 3 kids to tend to. Well I have Tendonitis in my right arm as well as a broken finger. It's my luck really. So my finger is splinted for a couple weeks and I have to wear an aircast elbo band on my arm for a while - hopefully that'll help or it's off to physical therapy. Happy Scrapping....


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