Monday, March 22, 2010

Sticky Paper, Lace and Glitter!

Love this method that I learned at my LSS Utopia in Henrietta, NY! Jen, the owner, is fabulous! For this I used Sticky Paper, any type of lace or doily and ultra fine glitter.

Take the sticky back off the paper and place your lace down on the paper. Sprinkle your first color of glitter on the paper and press down. Tap off excess and then remove the lace. Now sprinkle your second color glitter down and it will now only adhere to the sticky part where the lace was. Press down and then tap off excess.

It's really neat and the texture is amazing not to mention the sparkle that the camera just can't capture!


This is another one I did. It hasn't been made into a card yet but wanted to post it because it's so pretty!


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