Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 Teachers Gift - Magnetic Chalkboard

I am so excited about the teachers gifts I made this year! My oldest son's teacher is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. Firstly I must say that this was not my idea - these came from an oh so talented blogger Greenbean's Crafterole! For this project I used a piece of 12x12 galvanized metal I bought at Lowes that I painted with Chalkboard Paint (3 coats). It's dries very quickly so it didn't take long to complete this project. For the paper portion at the bottom I used a baseball border svg file I found over that the craftedge forums and used my mini pens and holder with my cricut and drew the border. For more info on the pen and marker holders please visit Chomas Creations. Then using the pens again I drew out the baseballs, cut around them, slapped a magnet on the back and voila! So cute!

*Tip - When using the galvanized metal sheet the edges can be sharp. After rounding the edges with my corner chomper I used some inksentials foil tape around all the edges and then painted. No more sharp edges!!!!

1 comment:

greenbean said...

super cute!...and i love the bigger size...and those baseball magnets...adorable!...


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